The 2015 Value for Money/ROI Survey

Oranjarra will follow up the 2011 and 2013 surveys with a new Value for Money/ROI survey later this year. Suggestions for improvement and new questions are happily considered.

The 2013 Value for Money/ROI Survey Summary results below are pretty interesting, including those on academic libraries' experience to date with Open Access (OA) issues. The survey was conducted in March and April 2013 and we received well over 100 responses from academic libraries and vendor/suppliers from around the world. The summary results include all the optional free text comments by the respondents, but do not include any of the graphical illustrations of the responses. You may see the graphs, together with some brief commentary, below.

The original survey was conducted in August and September of 2011. The results can found by following this link: Value for Money/ROI 2011 Survey.

Graph 1: While just over half of respondents say their library, or library clients, do are not required to measure ROI, the trend toward measurement is growing. 

Graph 2 shows a 5% increase in Yes answers over the earlier survey. No answers declined by about 8%.

Graph 3 shows a slight increase in those who think its both and a corresponding decrease in Yes and No answers.


About 4% more respondents answered Yes to the question in Graph 4 than in the previous survey.