The rapidly evolving commercial landscape confronting vendors can be confusing, even daunting, but it is also producing new opportunities for those willing to do the "hard yards". Expertise, flexibility and creativity are essential elements in guaranteeing sustainable business models and in crafting successful strategies for effective market penetration and consolidation.
~Oranjarra Partners

Stephen Pugh of Oranjarra Partners has worked in sales and executive positons for major vendors/suppliers for over 20 years. He has a unique track record in developing, managing and growing new and existing markets for library suppliers in Asia, Australasia and North America. Stephen is a closer and an expert in successful sales and marketing strategies, market and territory planning, the hiring and mentoring of sales staff, sales forecasting and budgeting, and in profitable negotiation with libraries and third-party suppliers

Oranjarra can help vendors and suppliers of print and digital content with:

  • New market intelligence, analysis and strategies
  • Maintenance, defense and strategies for exisiting markets
  • Competitive best practice and field analysis and intelligence
  • Strategies for planning and market coverage by sales/account representaives and agents
  • Development of new products and services based on real market needs and expectations
  • Analysis and improvement of existing products and services
  • Tenders, RFPs, contracts and service level agreements
  • Sustainable margin protection in negotiation of price and value-added services
  • Web-based integrated workflows
  • Relations with ILS vendors, bibliographic utilities, publishers, content aggregators, etc.
  • Operational issues, including shipping and air freight

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