The academic market for relevant digital and print scholarly content is volatile and there is growing resistance to current methods of discovery, acquisition and access, including open access (OA). Publishers can develop sustainable business models by adopting new strategies that ensure their content enjoys a high profile among decision-makers in libraries and with content aggregators.
~Oranjarra Partners

Publishers, especially publishers of scholarly content, are concerned about the long-term sustainability of their operations and current business models. This is especially true for small and mid-sized journal and monograph publishers of digital and print content. Understanding the library market, its needs and expectations, and how it purchases and accesses material is key to raising the profile of publishers' content and ensuring an effective path to market. Oranjarra Partners has a long record in identifying relevant content for libraries and a continuing concern that the long-tail of scholarly publishing is readily and available to libraries in a streamlined workflow.

Oranjarra can help publishers of digital and print content with:

  • Understanding the academic library market and how your content gets to market
  • Development and discovery of relevant content
  • Open access strategies that work for libraries and researchers
  • Effective sales strategies for market penetration and growth
  • Alternatives to the "Big Deal"
  • Strategic and effective partnerships with vendors and content aggregators
  • Strategies for preserving existing revenue streams
  • New business models for sustainable growth

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