Many libraries are under undeniable existential pressure, but they are not terminally ill...and their custodians are librarians, not hospice workers.
~Oranjarra Partners
In tough times, a librarian is a terrible thing to waste.
~Marilyn Johnson

These are challenging times times for academic libraries, but when was that ever not the case?. Stephen Pugh of Oranjarra Partners has worked with more than 90 academic libraries and library consortia in Asia, Australasia and North America in identifying relevant content, designing disciplined collection development constructs, acquisitions and technical services workflow, and in effective negotiation of value for money. 

Oranjarra can help libraries and library consortia with:

  • Project development and management
  • Strategic and scenario Planning
  • ILS selection and integration
  • Return on investment and demonstrating value to stakeholders
  • Best practice consultation for relevant content--digital, print, demand-driven, open access, and print-on-demand
  • Collection development methodologies and disciplines (profiling, approval, demand-driven, etc.)
  • Negotiation, compliance and liaison for tenders, RFPs, contracts and service level agreements
  • Supplier/vendor review and assessment
  • Worflow integratation with vendors, aggregators, and other third-party products and services
  • Effective communication of library needs and expectations to the information industry
  • Effective reconciliation of aspiration with budget

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