Is Oranjarra an indigenous Australian place name? A lightly carbonated, electrolyte-enhanced and citrus-infused sports drink? Sadly, no on both counts.
~Oranjarra Partners, ALIA panel, Sydney

The seed of Oranjarra Partners was first planted in the southern autumn of 2002 while my wife Traci and I were waiting to perform a hook turn over a tram line (to the uninitiated, a wildly counterintuitive and seemingly reckless, lemming-like move) during a meandering drive across Melbourne's inner suburbs from our home in Carlton North to the Esplanade in St. Kilda. We were the original Oranjarra Partners. Nearly eight years later, planted snugly at "Fog Hollow" between the redwoods of the Forest of Nisene Marks and the surf at Rio Del Mar in sleepy Aptos, California, the seed finally bloomed. Four years on, Oranjarra's mailing address remains in Aptos, but the office has moved 10 minutes south down Monterey Bay to the fertile strawberry fields and marine estuaries of Watsonville*.

Oranjarra is a consulting business serving libraries, publishers and vendor/suppliers, and is the logical product of the professional and collaborative work I have been doing within the information industry for more than 25 years. Today, we can point to a body of work, and a growing number of happy clients and successful projects, that form a firm foundation on which to build for the future. I am confident in asserting that the depth and the range of Oranjarra's services is unique in the industry (please have a look at the Home, Archives and Services/Support pages for some useful context).

Like many, I began my career in libraries and the information profession as a result of a fortuitous accident. Desperate to pay my rent, I took what I thought was a temporary job as a half-time copy cataloger and half-time key punch operator in McHenry Library at the University of California, Santa Cruz. When I finally left, I was Head of Monographic Acquisitions. 

Prior to founding Oranjarra, I worked for commercial suppliers of digital and print material and collections services for over 20 years--first as Senior Vice President of YBP's International Division and later as Vice President of Sales for Asia-Pacific for Coutts/Ingram. This work took me all over the world, but I primarily toiled and lived in the Asia-Pacific region and in North America. I have developed new products and services and opened new markets for commercial suppliers on three continents while working collaboratively with more than 90 academic libraries and many library consortiums in Asia, Australasia and the United States. Much of that work prefigures Oranjarra as it was chiefly consultative. My areas of expertise include: a comprehensive knowledge of libraries and the industries that serve them; commercial negotiations; the creation, development and continuing evaluation of collection development structures and disciplines such as approval plans and their related methodologies, deman-driven strategies, and open access; ancillary services such as metadata/cataloging and processing; and, collaboration with third-party suppliers in support of web-based workflows for acquisitions and cataloging.

Oranjarra Partners would welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs and goals, and the chance to achieve them together.       

Stephen Pugh
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*Oranjarra Partners is fortunate to be located in a beautiful part of the world. For a small taste, have a look at this incredible video of dolphins taken 20 miles off Santa Cruz by Mark Peters...and, yes, it is real.